Housemother Mom MacSwain

About Mom Macswain 

Julie MacSwain was born and raised on a beef and hog farm in Blanchardville, Wisconsin. She was the first young lady in her high school to take 4 years of agriculture. Julie’s interest in agriculture led her to obtaining a BS in Agriculture from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 1983.  Julie has worked as a County Conservationist in Merrill, WI; Land Use Plumbing II Inspector in West Bend, Wisconsin; Soil Conservationist with USDA-SCS in Sparta, WI; District Conservationist with USDA-NRCS, Stillwater, MN; State Public Affairs Specialist in St. Paul, MN, a Partnership Liaison with USDA-NRCS in Portland, OR.  On May 28, 2021 Julie retired from USDA-NRCS with 36 years and 10 months of service.


Beyond the workplace Julie has been involved with The Association of Retired Conservation Service Employees, Church, Soil and Water Conservation Society, National Organization of Professional Hispanic NRCS Employees, Women in NRCS, Rotary, and Toastmasters International.


Julie’s son Dan and family lives in Stillwater, MN and her daughter Raquel lives in Portland, OR.


In Julie’s spare-time she enjoys biking, photography, reading, walking, writing, and spending time with family, friends, and her cat Whiskey. And last, but not least, watching the Green Bay Packer games and Wisconsin Badger Basketball and Football.

Alpha Psi's Housemother Program

 Spiritual Development: 

Brothers are able to go to Mom and inquire about various church services in the River Falls community. Several of the Brothers attend the same church as she does. During Lent she will give us a list of the churches and their service times. 

Professional Development: 

Mom discusses many qualities that AGR men should possess when entering our professional careers, like how to properly eat at a dinner function, how to escort a lady, proper business attire for various occasions, interview skills and resume building. Her expertise is writing and grammar has helped many brothers perform better when writing course papers and essays. 


Mom attends all of our business meetings. She asks questions about our items of business and helps inform us on other details that are needed for us to make wise decisions. On every agenda she has a speaking role where she is able to teach us about various professional development items to help us in our current and future endeavors.  Mom attends many of our Greek events on campus and represents Alpha Psi in every moment of her life. Her role in the Recruitment Process is wonderful. Given her role at the university, she is able to meet and talk to families of gentleman that show great AGR potential. She then is able to recruit brothers to give them tours of campus and our facilities. Also, she assists CAFES with materials needed for career shows where Brothers help man the booths and recruit individuals for the University, CAFES and the fraternity. Mom is a great proof reader and has helped many brothers with editing course papers and projects. Other proofing she helps with include editing various fraternal documents, The Crescent, and this website. Every night we have a sit down supper that she attends. After the meal Brothers enjoy sitting around the head table drinking coffee and sharing various stories and life experiences or asking her opinion of fraternity, university and global issues. This is just a fraction of what our Housemother does for Alpha Psi. This is a great mutual learning atmosphere for everyone. 

Community Relations: 

Mom is a direct representative to the River Falls community where residents can seek her for assistance that brothers can provide them, ranging from community service events and manpower for moving heavy items.  Every year Alpha Psi hosts our Good Neighbor Picnic for our neighbors, university personnel and community friends. Mom greets everyone as they enter the house for the meal and social time. 

Alumni Relations: 

Mom works with the editor of our directory and helps the brothers continuously update the contact information. Alumni can call upon her for editing resumes, professional development and for someone to talk to when needed. She attends all of our various Founder Day Alumni Events. 

The Chapter provides Mom with an apartment and garage space, meals, one-on-one meeting times, social gatherings with the members, payroll compensation and an all-around loving atmosphere. We help her with whatever she asks and we enjoy visiting with her family when they visit her at the chapter house.  It is truly amazing everything she does for our chapter and its members. This is a special experience that all Alpha Psi Brothers experience. Mom lives and breathes AGR Green and Gold!