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Alpha Gamma Rho isn't like other fraternities. In AGR, you'll get the opportunity to experience both a social and a professional fraternity. AGR does what you expect a social fraternity to do: socialize with other students on campus and people in the community. AGR is also like other social fraternities in that it has a strong group of members and a house you can live in during your college years. But AGR is more than just one of those strictly social fraternities; it is also a professional fraternity. All members of AGR have related career interests. AGR is for young men pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries. One more difference: at AGR, there's no pledging. You join as an equal member. AGR does a careful review of all potential members in advance, so there's no need for a "weeding out" process

What Makes AGR Different?

Alpha Gamma Rho is a Professional/Social Fraternity that does not believe in the traditional fraternity experience; thus, there is absolutely no hazing tolerated as part of our fraternity. We are simply creating better men for agriculture and related industries. Also, all recruitment events are dry, meaning there is absolutely no alcohol allowed during recruitment!

Year-Round Recruiting!
Two primary initiation periods (fall and spring semesters)


Alpha Gamma Rho will help you as an individual continue to grow by promoting a quality learning environment, social networking with industry professionals and alumni, and providing you with a wonderful college home! After you have been interviewed by a committee of the brothers, the chapter will confirm your decision with our membership that you want to become a brother. We will discuss your interview and application to see if you have the individual qualities to meet the standards of Alpha Gamma Rho. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Vice Noble Ruler of Recruitment, listed below.

Thank you for your interest in our Fraternity!

Meet the VNR of Recruitment


I am Ben Steffes, and I am the current VNR of Recruitment. I'm a junior majoring in Animal Science from Cadott, Wisconsin.

If you are interested in joining AGR or would just like more information, please contact me using the information below. We are always willing to give a house tour and meet a potential new member.


Ben Steffes

Alpha Gamma Rho | VNR of Recruitment